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How do you move recorded data from one system to another?


I am going to move one to other system, thus, I will install into my new system. But, I have tracking every 10 mins live data through a web API.

Can anyone let me know how can I move my all recorded data into the new system.

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Do you need to export the old and already indexed logs and move them to the new system?

Then you can do an export of the old data via:

index="your-index" | table _raw | outputcsv old_records.csv

Or you can dump to disk using

dump basefilename= [rollsize=] [compress=] [format=] [fields=]

Look for "Export data using the dump command" on docs.splunk

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What? Who? When? Where? and why?
please elaborate, i dont see how this is even a question
what is the problem you are trying to solve?

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