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How do i create cluster map using cities geo locations in a csv


Hi All,

I have a list of cities from this open source link. In my data, i have the names of cities for each event and I, therefore, want to create a map when a city is mentioned so i can see how many of X events per city and create a world map.

I have uploaded this txt file and saved it in a lookup table in Splunk as a .csv and i am wondering does anyone know how to do the rest?
I have an idea but a help would be great thanks.


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This app will be helpful:

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here is some documentation to follow.

in your csv, based on the data from maxmind, you should have the latitude and longitude.
use basesearch|geostats latfield=latitude longfield=longitude count

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Thank you @cmerriman

I will look into this. Turns out i am being to detailed and all i really need to do is create a csv and then use a search to cross reference this csv which has about 20 rows like the following example

office code office country Lattitude Longitude
US-CA California US 36.778261 -119.4179324

So if i wanted to create a cluster map from data that has the office code, have you suggestions how I would do this? I know its using lookup& possibly geostats but i am unsure how to build the map from something that is not an IP address.

thanks so much


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if your data has the office code, you can join it to your csv with something like this:

|table office_code other_interesting_fields 
|join office_code [|inputlookup office_code.csv]
|geostats latfield=latitude longfield=longitude count
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