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How do I search for tweets containing specific words?

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Hi I am new to Splunk and have recently installed the 'App for twitter data' and set it up with my twitter account.
I want to do an analysis of the data obtained

Say i want to search for tweets containing "Game of Thrones" and "GOT" either in the hashtag or anywhere in the tweet, how should I write the search query ?

I tried this

index=twitter | rename entities.hashtags{}.text as hashtags | fields hashtags | mvexpand hashtags | search hashtags=GameOf* OR hashtags= GOT | stats count by hashtags

in Verbose mode , but of a million events only about 109 events were matched.

Can somebody guide me about how I can modify the search , or point me to proper resources?

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You've got the right idea. You're already searching against the hashtag. You just need to search against the tweet text.

  • Use an additional rename to get the tweet text.
  • Have a single search command like (hashtags=GameOf* OR hashtags=GOT OR tweet=GOT).
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