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How do I configure Splunk DB Connect 2 get the proper EST timestamp from my Oracle table instead of EST +5:30?


Hello Everyone,

Am using the Splunk DB Connect 2 application for the taking Oracle data into Splunk. For assigning the Time stamp, I am facing the difficulties because if I go with clicking Output timestamp option and assigning the table column value that is "starttime", then it's taking that value, but it is showing EST+5:30 hour, but I need to have system time that is EST.

If I go with the default one, even for that it is taking EST+5:30 instead of EST.

Please help me on this. How do I get the table data into Splunk with the EST time stamp?


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Normalize time time in SQL to EST and append the TZ string before you import it like this:

select CONVERT(datetime,SWITCHOFFSET(CONVERT(datetimeoffset,getdate()),'+05:30')) starttime + ' EST'
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