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How can one get Google BigQuery data in Splunk?


Hello ,

How can one get Google Big Query data in Splunk?
At the moment we use a script that extracts necessary parameters out of Google Analytics into a csv file that is then indexed in Splunk.

Should we use the Big Query API and REST API Modular Input ( ?

If yes, can you give me advice on how to configure this connection?

Thank you.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There's a new Add-on that might be of interest:

Splunk-GABQ-Addon on GitHub

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Thank you for the share. This code was a great head start.

I've been able to harvest the majority of the 50 fields.

I've got a few that giving me grief.
Here's one: message_info.triggered_rule_info.consequence.action - holds an integer

focused in this code

def buildStruct(dataRow, fieldList):
                        returnVal = {}
                        for field in fieldList:
                                ew.log(EventWriter.INFO, "Debug field: %s " % field)
                                if '.' in field:
                                        record, recfield = field.split(".", 1)
                                        ew.log(EventWriter.INFO, "Debug datarow record: %s and recfield %s " % (dataRow,  recfield))
                                        if len(dataRow) != 0:
                                                returnVal[field] = buildStruct(dataRow[record], [recfield])
                                        if type(dataRow) is list:
                                                ew.log(EventWriter.INFO, "Debug hit the dataRow is a list " )
                                                ew.log(EventWriter.INFO, "Debug dataRow: %s " % dataRow)
                                                if len(dataRow) == 1:
                                                        returnVal[field] = dataRow[0][field]
                                                        returnVal[field] = []
                                                        for x in dataRow:
                                                                ew.log(EventWriter.INFO, "Thayne Debug dataRow: %s " % x)
                                                returnVal[field] = dataRow[field]
                        return returnVal

Debug datarow record: [{u'consequence': [{u'action': u'17', u'subconsequence': [], u'reason': u'Triggered by CONTENT_COMPLIANCE rule. Rule description: GA GS Keyword Test'}], u'spam_label_modifier': None, u'policy_holder_address': u'', u'string_match': [{u'predefined_detector_name': None, u'matched_string': u'\nInternal use only\r', u'type': u'1', u'source': u'1', u'match_expression': u'(?i)(\W|^)(Not\s*for\s*Distribution|Do\s*Not\s*Distribute|Internal\s*Use\s*Only|IUO|Confidential|(?i', u'attachment_name': None}, {u'predefined_detector_name': None, u'matched_string': u'GS\r', u'type': u'1', u'source': u'1', u'match_expression': u'(?i)(\W|^)(Gold\s*Story|GS|Gold)(\W|$)', u'attachment_name': None}], u'rule_name': u'GA GS Keyword Test', u'rule_type': u'8'}] and recfield action

/splunk/etc/apps/GoogleAnalyticsBQ/bin/" File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/GoogleAnalyticsBQ/bin/", line 104, in buildStruct
07-27-2018 18:27:42.515 -0400 ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "python /opt/splunk/etc/apps/GoogleAnalyticsBQ/bin/" returnVal[field] = buildStruct(dataRow[record], [recfield])

07-27-2018 18:27:42.515 -0400 ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "python /opt/splunk/etc/apps/GoogleAnalyticsBQ/bin/" TypeError: list indices must be integers, not str

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Path Finder

Has anyone tried this add-on? We're interested in querying bigquery tables similar to how we'd use dbconnect (without having to index the data).

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