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How can I search by token in the Lookup editor app on the dashboard?

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I'm using the lookup editor app on my dashboard.
I'd like to use its search with a token I have from the dashboard.
E.g. I have a lookup of bike owners and bike names and I want to search in the lookup editor (using its own searchbar) for given bike owners. I have a token in my dashboards which holds the name of a given bike owner. I just want to use that $bike_owner$ token in the lookup search.

Any ideas on how to do that?


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Hi zeinstein,
You can call Lookup Editor to open a Lookup from the menu bar of an app, but it isn't possible to pass a parameter to the main form of this App because it doesn't use a search, it only display the content of a lookup (csv or kvstore) so it isn't possible to pass to it a token.

The Search bar that you find in the App is the same of the other Apps, if you run a search in this form, you have events as output.


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