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How To Configure Splunk Supporting Add-on For Active Directory to use the Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure?

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I am trying to configure the Splunk Supporting Add-on For Active Directory. It is asking for my LDAP server hostname. We are using Splunk Cloud. Our LDAP does not have a public IP, so when I put in the hostname or the internal IP of our LDAP server, the test connection failed. It is the last of four prerequisites that is required that I need to complete. The Universal Forwarder, the TA DNSServer, and the DomainControllert are all installed on the LDAP server. The Splunk Cloud Indexer sees the data from the LDAP server. Right now, I get an error when I tried to use the dashboard. The error is Unknown search command 'ldapsearch'. Why do we need to configure the Splunk Supporting Add-on For Active Directory in order to get the Windows Infrastructure App dashboards to work? Can I get the dashboards to work without a public IP on my LDAP?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The problem you're going to run into is that the App for Windows Infrastructure won't be able to do any LDAP lookups on your data. So dashboards that show you a user's details like Display Name, Phone Number, Location, etc... instead of just a username won't work.

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