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Has anyone successfully tested any of the Splunk F5 apps with Splunk 6.2?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

All 3 Splunk 5 Apps (Network, Security, Access) indicate that they support up to Splunk 6.0. Has anyone successfully deployed any of the F5 apps on Splunk 6.2. If so, which ones, any issues, challenges, workarounds? Does anyone have insight into when 6.2 will be officially supported?

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Successfully tested? Yes.

Results of testing less successful.
Splunk for Access does appear to work. Splunk for Security has an established issue with field extractions that then isn't (or doesn't seem to be) working with the posted fix.
In my opinion, it's a bit slack of the F5 guys to have posted the app with those issues in the first place, and it's been like that for ages, so I'm not sure what the chances are of it ever being fixed up.

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