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I have my Hadoop Splunk Connect App runing in my local instance and everything is fine. My issue is when I deployed the whole file along with other apps, it doesn't show up in my Dev envrionment.
Do i need to install it manually through the Dev Environment? or deploying the whole package is enough? I just pushed everything under Hadoop connect folder to Git Repo.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The process should be something along the lines of:
1) package your local app
tar cvzf my_hadoopconnect.tgz /splunk/etc/apps/HadoopConnect
2) untar in your dev
tar xvzf my_hadoopconnect.tgz -C /splunk/etc/apps/HadoopConnect
3) restart splunk
/splunk/bin/splunk restart
Here are the steps:

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