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Google GeoCode giving me "REQUEST_DENIED" and fails to provide Lat/Lon

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I think that I have configured all that I need to but when I try to resolve an address into lat/lon I get "REQUEST_DENIED".
Here is my search:




| stats count
| eval Address_field="123 Blue Bird St,Opp,AL,United States"
| printgeocode type=geocode address=Address_field​





My results:





password = $7$8kXiAQ4Pkq9QNHVu9hSuycgpgvEOIUmblTI7g4Jfid60NASBhy5BiElwLkxZLPoB+9nyluNXgG3S5RTO8EzKa/HMVMAFlaQ=



 Any help at this point would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance,


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