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Getting custom fields to appear in OpsGenie alerts


Hi guys,

I am using the Splunk app for OpsGenie to allow me to send alerts directly to OpsGenie, however, I can't seem to get any custom fields to show in my alerts?

I've looked at:

I've tried adding:

Whatever:{{result.customfield}} into the description field in OpsGenie but still no luck.

Has anyone done this before that can advise me on the syntax I'm using? The custom field I'm trying to show is not an indexed field but a field generated from an eval statement in the alerting search, if that makes any difference.


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Please hop over to and use the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner to engage with the Support team. They can have a look at the data being sent to OpsGenie and verify that the fields you are looking for are coming through. Then they can work with you on what the syntax should be for accessing the variable(s).

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Hey Robbie, I would recommend reaching to OpsGenie Customer Success as they may be able to lend a hand and point you in the right direction. Thanks, Robbie, hope this helps.

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