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For the Workday Addon - are the valid Workday endpoints filtered for something like


Workday tenants are normally part of the domain, however for demonstrations the tenants have an endpoint beginning with

The log is stating "Invalid URL endpoint provided: Provided endpoint url is not a Workday address, refusing to connect."

I am wondering what criteria is being used for it to determine what a Workday address is and if it can be changed to allow for endpoints using the domain above.


@joshgeving The latest version of The Workday Add-on for Splunk has been released to address this issue:

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We will output a new version of the TA that allows for as well. In the interim, please use this workaround.

in TA-workday/bin/workdaylib/ line 25 change:

WORKDAY_HOSTNAME_PATTERN = re.compile("^.+\.(?:workday|myworkday|workdaysuv)\.com$")
WORKDAY_HOSTNAME_PATTERN = re.compile("^.+\.(?:workday\.com|myworkday\.com|workdaysuv\.com|workday\.net)$")

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