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F5 BIG-IP 1600 Link Controller compatibility with splunk addon


Would the "F5 BIG-IP 1600 Link Controller" be compatible with "Splunk Add-on for F5 BIG-IP" ?

when i check here in docs it says its compatible with LTM and GTM .. what about LC (link controller) ?

has anyone collected data from F5 LC before ?

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First we understand LTM and GTM:
- LTM is a server load balancer which can load balance from L4 (IP addresses and ports decisions) to L7 (URL-based decisions) servers and links
- GTM is a multi datacenter / multi links load balancer which load balance users to the best datacenter and Link acting as DNS server for a DNS zone or single DNS records

Link Controller is a product using limited features of both LTM and GTM:
- Load balancing L4 only (Links and servers) from LTM
- Multi Links load balancing from GTM (No multi Datacenter)

So as long as OS version on device is falling between 10.1 - 12.X this should be good.But may be someone who knows this in and out can confirm this better.

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