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Exclusion of Delimiter in special condition


I am using a search-time field extraction with transform being used.
the events only contain values -no field names- and they are all separated by commas which makes me able to use DELIMS and FIELDS in transform.conf.
My problem is though that for some special conditions I want splunk to skip the comma, like if there is a backslash after the comma, I want it to gather up all the previous and next characters as one field.

for example, if the event is:


splunk will create:

field1 = AAA
field2 = BBB
field3 = CCC
field4 = /CCC
field5 = DDD

but I want the fields to be:

field1 = AAA
field2 = BBB
field3 = CCC,/CCC
field4 = DDD

how can I achieve that?

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While I don't have a play system available to try this, wouldn't you be able to define field3 something like:


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