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Error when running "hash" command: Specified salt file "****" does not exist


Hi all,,

working with the "Crypto and Encoding Add-On" from splunkBase, I can't manage to make it work on my environment.


The "hash" command specifically fails when using the "salt" option, like the following:

"| hash algorithm=sha256 salt=test_salt test_field"


When removing the salt option, this works just fine, but I really need to add the salt to it for my use case.


The returned error is the following:

ValueError at "/cs/splunk/search/etc/apps/TA-cryptosuite/bin/", line 122 : Specified salt file "test_salt" does not exist. Please check the spelling of your specified salt name or your configured salts.
I created the entry in the "Key and Salt Management" dashboard, but with no success.
I wonder what it could be, since roles and accesses to the app are all open.
Any help here would be really appreciated.
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