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Enabling and Disabling DB Inputs in Splunk DB Connect 2 in inputs.conf; Can changes be made effective without a Splunk restart?


I have a requirement to disable and enable database inputs defined in the Splunk DB Connect 2 app. The nature of the requirement necessitates editing the inputs.conf files directly (not through the GUI). Additionally, when enabling the inputs, I also have to set a new (current) tail_rising_column_checkpoint_value.

Is there a way to make these changes to inputs.conf without having to restart Splunk?

I attempted the following CLI command as suggested in this answer, but it does not work.:
./splunk _internal call /services/apps/local/splunk_app_db_connect/_reload -auth admin:$ADMINPWD

Splunk Enterprise 6.2.2
Splunk DB Connect 2.0.2

Thanks for any help.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Try this Rest API endpoint


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