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EMC VNX App for Splunk Enterprise - No data in the lun performance section

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We have VNX App version 1.2 deployed with our Splunk Enterprise installation (ver. 6.5.1) If we try to generate "Heat Map - LUN Throughput (IOPs)" it shows no data in column "LUN Throughput (IOPs)↧" .

Please advise solution to get the data populated into column “LUN Throughput(IOPs)”.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I don't know if this will solve the problem for you. In a PoC I did with this app, all the throughput values were '0'. However, there are some other issues with the dashboard which may be solved by:
-Clicking on the "Edit" button for the dashboard
-Click on the pencil (Edit input) for the "VNX block Array"
-Scroll down to "Search string" The search string defines index=vnx, change this to `vnx_index` (include the back-ticks!)
-Click the pen (Format visualisation) in the "Heat Map - LUN Throughput (IOPs)" panel where you may need to change the number of categories which is set to 10, you may need to set it to 100.

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