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Does anyone know if or when Splunk URL Toolbox will be compatible to python 3.x?


Hi all,

Does anyone know if or when splunk URL Toolbox will be compatible to python 3.x ?
In addition will it be compatible with the new versions of splunk ?

Thanks !

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As of the latest version, 1.9.2 (Jun 2022), it still fails for python3 in the upgrade readiness app.  Hope app owner reviews and provides us an updated version.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Lakshman, I just tried reproducing the issue but seems like the the freshly installed Public apps are treated differently compare to Private apps.


Steps followed: Splunk Web > Apps > Find More Apps > "utbox"

Installed Upgrade Readiness App

Scanned Apps


Also, latest utbox1.9.2 app is cloud-vetted and tested to be functional on Splunk Enterprise and Cloud 9.0.1


Let us know if you find a reason behind false-positive result. Meanwhile, we will try to reproduce this behavior from our end.

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Looks like as of Feb 2021, it supports python 3. 

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