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Do Trellis also have Drilldown capability?


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Hey Folks!,

So this is the Status Indicator Visualization of 1 of my search (trellis view).

Now as an addition, how shall i move further to configure the click on this separate indicators.
Like if i click on green, a different panel should gets open.

Likewise, i tried below thing, but didnt worked out:

      <condition match="$trellis.value$ == &quot;ABC&quot;">
        <set token="ABC">ABC</set>
        <unset token="DEF"></unset>

When i click on any of it, is directing me to the search query of the existing panel.

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@sarvesh_11 Trellis Layout Supports Drilldown, however, they may not work with Custom Visualizations like Status Indicator. You would need to
Option 1) Either use Simple XML JS Extension to code your own drilldown. Refer to answer:
Option 2) Or request and enhancement for Status Indicator Custom Visualization built by Splunk to support Drilldown. Refer to Question:

Option 3) On similar lines with Option 1 you can also refer to another option where drilldown has been created on html panel with Status Icon and Value:

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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You can refer this answer:

Let me know if this helps!!


Thanks for your response.
Well i have used trellis.value only, still when i click on the panel, it is opening the search of the existing panel.

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