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I really like your visualisations and the level of detail you put into the their configurability, it makes them so useful.

So, a couple of things about the dendrogram app

In the dendrogram docs, the token names are wrong - it says it creates tokens

 $dendrogram_viz-path$$dendrogram_viz-name$ and $dendrogram_viz-drilldown$

but the hyphens are actually underscores in the created tokens.

Secondly, have you thought about supporting collapsible nodes with or without drilldown. Along the lines of or perhaps similar to the click support in the sunburst, where you support view of N layers, so as you expand a node, the node above can auto collapse.

It would be really handy, as at the moment, I guess the only way is to rerun the search and only draw the paths you need.

Other enhancements would be to support node size per node, or perhaps based on path depth.


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Thanks bowsmana these are some great ideas. I am just on holidays at the moment but I will try get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Thanks for your kind words.

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Thanks Chris,

There's an enhancement that would be very useful. Currently the path is what describes the hierarchy, but it also acts as the labels for each node.

It would be very useful to have a label field, also with a suitable separator that is used to render the description, whereas path just describes the hierarchy.

I have a use case, where names are not unique, so my path components have to be ids to separate the distinct hierarchies, but these are not meaningful from a display point of view.

One other suggestion 😀 it would also be cool to colour and weight the lines, so for each row, you could define #colour and #weight for the ascending line to the parent.

Enjoy the holiday


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