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DB Connect query failing on Postgres DB

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Good morning all.  

I have a little issue with DB Connect and Postgres DB.  

I am using the Postgres driver v42.2 to access the DB.  In the Data Lab under Sql Explorer, I can connect to the db and assign the catalog, schema and table.  All of the pull down populates and are available.  

I enter this query:



select *
from bd_cntl.job_monitor_info
where 1=1

and batch_id=to_number(to_char(CURRENT_DATE -3, 'YYYYMMDD'),'99999999')




The system spins and outputs:



org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: Could not begin transaction on data node.




To make this any stranger,  I installed Postgresql on my workspace and it connects without issue and can run the query fine.  


Do any of you fellows that are familiar with Postgres and the like have any ideas how to work around this issue?

Thanks in advance,




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