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DB Connect queries progress bar stuck at 20%


Hello, im attempting to setup DB Connect 3.4.1 to comunicate to an Oracle 11g XE database hosted on the same machine (Ubuntu 18.04) as the Splunk 8.1.0 instance.
Im using the ojdbc6.jar driver from Oracle web ( with openjdk8 as suggested from the web.

Managed to connect the database, select schema, and a table from the DB Connect interface, but i cannot perform a query to OracleDB from neither SQLExplorer or dbxquery command in search (it gets stuck at 20% in the progress bar everytime).

If i reach the OracleDB from another Splunk 8.0.3 server running DB Connect 3.2.0 the comunication is fully working queries included.

If i install DB Connect 3.2.0 in the actual server we managed to get it working after applying a fix for python version compatibility (

¿Any ideas on how to get it working on DB Connect 3.4.1?

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Are you solved this issue?


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