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DB Connect - Problemas com JDBC

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Boa tarde,

Senhores, ao tentar validar minha conexão eu estou tomando o erro abaixo, estou utilizando o DB Connect 2.

Java jre1.8, o driver MS-SQL Server Using MS Generic Driver está com o status ok, funcionando.

Validating connection with URL [jdbc:sqlserver://MEU_SRV:1433;databaseName=master;selectMethod=cursor] failed: java.sql.SQLException:,Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Login failed for user 'svc_splunk'. ClientConnectionId:9576d687-859f-41d6-b5f3-6be84846bf8d)
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That I happened to something similar had splunk enterprise in a windows server 2012 R2 with SQL server, the driver that install does not work download a driver free and now works very well, this driver is in splunk docs:

You can download it here

Saludos de México

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Try to write a simple java JDBC connection class to validate your connection parameters. I guess the host/any connection parameter is not valid or some firewall rules?

Check the below link for prerequistites,

Below link will help you on Java code,
JAVA Class:


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Is svc_splunk the correct user name? Have you verified you have the correct password for user svc_splunk?

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