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DB Connect App fails after first successful db input execution

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I've created db input for new table MS SQL server. Query is quite simple:
query=SELECT * FROM "XXX"."dbo"."YYY$ZZZ" WHERE [Entry No] > ? ORDER BY [Entry No] ASC
Test execution work fine, job was successfully created
Data from first execution are indexed in splunk, but all next scheduled jobs fall with error:

2018-03-14 12:46:11.599 +0300 [QuartzScheduler_Worker-25] WARN c.s.dbx.connector.connector.impl.JdbcConnectorImpl - failed to execute query with paramtype, fallback to execute query without paramtype
java.sql.SQLException: Value 2017-11-09 09:06:35.56 cannot be converted to BIGINT.

Value is date and time column, and in first execution it was converted to _time with no errors.

Any suggestions?

PS I have another few jobs and they works fine all the time.
PSS DB connect ver 3.1.2

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