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CyberArk and Splunk: How to rotate web logins? How to rotate/update service account confs?


Hey guys,

I have Splunk integrated with CyberArk in two ways:

1) Splunk ingests and alerts on CyberArk events
2) CyberArk rotates Splunk server passwords

However, I am looking to:

1) Rotate Splunk web logins using CyberArk - how can I do this? Alternately, is it possible for CyberArk to run bash scripts? If so, we could just use the Splunk CLI to rotate the web logins
2) Rotate the password of our splunkserviceaccount. We can't do this because we would somehow have to update the Splunk conf files that use it (e.g. LDAP bind, API query confs, etc) whenever it is rotated. Any ideas?

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