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[Create DB Connection ] No 'HANA' to select in the drop down list of 'Connection Type'.

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Hi team,

I am trying to set up HANA DB Connection in Splunk. What I have did so far:

1. put HANA JDBC client 'ngdbc.jar' into folder '$SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/splunkappdbconnect/drivers'

2. Manually create a dbconnectiontypes.conf file with below information and put it into folder '$SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/splunkappdbconnect/local'

displayName = HANA

jdbcUrlFormat = jdbc:sap:xxxxxxx:xxxxx

jdbcDriverClass =

supportedVersions = 2.0

3. I start splunk on MacOS with command ./splunk start

4. I login to local splunk and go to Configuration->Connection->Create a New Connection.

Issue I met:  In the drop down list of Connection Type, there is no 'HANA' for me to select. (Please refer to the screenshot) Can you please advise what's the issue here and how to resolve it?



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