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I am using the latest version of splunk addon for microsoft cloud services 4.1.2, and splunk 8.1.3.
I have followed the guides for setting up azure event hub, application and eventhub in the addon.
but I do not get any data in what so ever.

Unlike previous versions the eventhub does not include the sas string but only
Namespace (fqdn)
Consumer Group
Max Wait Time
Max Batch Size
Source Type

In the log file I keep getting this error
2021-04-22 18:21:16,315 level=WARNING pid=22752 tid=Thread-1 logger=uamqp.receiver | LinkDetach("ErrorCodes.UnauthorizedAccess: Unauthorized access. 'Listen' claim(s) are required to perform this operation. Resource: 'sb://******************/consumergroups/$default/partitions/0'. TrackingId:**************************

Any ideas as to where I should look?

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