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Configuring TA: Why is Tomato change index not working?


Hello community,

first I have to say that I'm very,very new to Splunk. Getting to Splunk is because of a solution I found in the streamboard community about analysis of OSCam logs.
So I've installed Splunk on ubuntu and the OSCam-App from 'jotne' - works nice.

Now knowing what Splunk does I thought about to analyse my routers syslog as well and came up with the TA-Tomato app.
So I configured my router to send the syslog data to the UDP port like OSCam does. Data is stored in index = main; sourcetype = syslog - GREAT!

Now I came to the very easy things mentioned in the README:
- Please onboard your data as sourcetype=tomato
- This app also assumes your data will exist in index=tomato

This maybe is no issue for someone who is familiar with Splunk but for me it isn't.
After two days of reading, trying to understand and testing, I didn't get this to work.

I played around with some configuration I found here:
and ended with copy the files app.conf, props.conf, transforms.conf to the local directory. (is it right if a file exists in the local dir the one in default is ignored? - think so but dont know)

I insert:


TRANSFORMS-tomato = set_index_tomato,set_subtype_tomato


to the top of probs.conf

and this:


DEST_KEY = _MetaData:Index
FORMAT = tomato

SOURCE_KEY = MetaData:Host
FORMAT = sourcetype::tomato
DEST_KEY = MetaData:Sourcetype


to the top of transforms.conf

Sourcetype will work but index is still 'main'.
So, what's wrong with my stupid idea.


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found a solution by myself

I've added this into the /system/local/inputs.conf

sourcetype = tomato
index = tomato

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found a solution by myself

I've added this into the /system/local/inputs.conf

sourcetype = tomato
index = tomato
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