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Configuration with aagileSI Community Edition


i have agileSI community Edition app installed on my splunk instance on my linux. i have openjdk-6 for root and splunk is also installed with root user.
n have copied and sapjco3.jar in Splunk_Home/etc/apps/agilSI/bin folder.

but i am not able to fetch data with configuration of SAP system. and when i go to reconfigure it it gives me following error

Unable to locate the configuration for this URL.
please look into this. thanks in advance.

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Hi nawneel,

thank you for your question.
Can you execute
$Splunk_Home/etc/apps/agilSI/bin/java -jar connector.jar --stdout --verbose --debug
and post the output, please?
Use java -jar connector.jar --help for help.
java -jar connector.jar DEV dev-sap.srv.corp 00 800 user 987654 --stdout --verbose --debug

SAP recommends to use the Oracle JDK. Maybe causes this the error.

Best regards,
iT-CUBE Systems

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