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Community Supported apps - should they have an external repo for the community to assist in improving?


As time goes on I see that some of the community supported apps languish behind, not being updated to support later splunk versions If they're going to be community supported, shouldn't we have them in an available external code repository like github?

For a widely known vendor that intends to support it long term this may not be a huge issue, but i've even seen times where Splunk apps could use something to allow easier improvement by users (Splunk_TA_nix scripts for example). Though they've been receptive in the past for improvements sent by mail. But for community supported apps I think it would be very helpful to have an external repo where other users could more easily assist in improving/maintaining these apps.

Yes, I'd agree that it should be a decision made by the submitter, but should it be encouraged to have this?

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As you point out , for community apps , it is a decision that the author has to make.
I do try to encourage all community developers to use Github , collaboration and openness lead to much better Apps at the end of the day, IMHO.

FYI : I do walk the talk, all of my offerings from Splunkbase are on Github and some of these are often collaborated on also, which is fantastic (thanks Splunk community !! )


Absolutely, I wouldn't want it a requirement by any means. But maybe something in the submission asking "Is there an external repository" as a gentle nudge so that the submitter considers it.

Thanks for the feedback Damien.

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edit: typo, replacing approving with improving

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