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Cisco Security Suite 3.1.2: After installation, are we getting error "page not found" when clicking "continue to app setup page"?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


Redirecting support issues (for a community supported app) to the correct location. For the teams who wrote the new version, this appears to be a defect.

When we installed Cisco Security Suite for Splunk (version 3.1.2), we clicked “continue to app setup page” and got below error (page not found. When clicking on that link for more information on the error):

index=_internal host="USSPLUNK01" source=*web_service.log log_level=ERROR requestid=57dad9066d4bb506ee10

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We had the same issue, reason was that a timeout is hit when the app configuration routine waits for splunkd

In etc/system/local/web.conf, set

splunkdConnectionTimeout = 30

to a higher value, e.g. 300

This resolved the issue and configuration went fine (still, it took more than 2 minutes, so be patient)
IIRC, there was a second step when we had to wait for some time


This also fixed my issue with the app today. Much appreciated.

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This fixed my problem. Thanks!

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