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Cisco App - Pix inbound vs outbound


I have been looking at the Cisco Pix App and the transforms for src and dest ip. What I noticed is that the src and dest ip are extracted in the same position in both the outbound and inbound built messages.

From my understanding of the syslog messages, the location of src and dest ip flip depending on the inbound and outbound keyword in the built statement.

Is this correct and should i change the default behaviour for the [cisco-firewall-to_addr_port] and [cisco-firewall-from_addr_port]

As is:

REGEX = \s+to (?:([\w-_]+):)?([^ /]*)(?:/(\S+))?\s*
FORMAT = dest_dom::$1 dest_ip::$2 dest_port::$3


REGEX =inbound.*\s+to (?:([\w-_]+):)?([^ /]*)(?:/(\S+))?\s*
FORMAT = dest_dom::$1 dest_ip::$2 dest_port::$3

and: [cisco-firewall-outbound-to_addr_port] REGEX = outbound\s+(?:from|for(?! user)) (?:([\w-_]+):)?([^ /])(?:/(\S+))?\s FORMAT = dest_dom::$1 dest_ip::$2 dest_port::$3

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That works better, have a few tweaks to it but works much better than it did before.


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Can you provide sample events to go with this?

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