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Cisco AMP for Endpoints Events Input is not having any input. Stuck at Please wait.

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Cisco AMP for Endpoints Events Input is stuck at "Please Wait" for all the tabs, Input, New Input and Configuration.

I can not perform any configuration or Input.

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I know its been awhile for this question. I had the same issue.
1. Validate that outbound http is allowed from your splunk server
2. curl -k -X GET -H 'accept:application/json' -H 'content-type:application/json' --compressed -H 'Accept-Encoding:gzip,deflate' -u <THIRD_PARTY_API_KEY>:<API_KEY> ''

If you get a list of computers back then you are good.
Locate under etc\apps\amp4e_events_input\bin\pika\adapters and look for DO_HANDSHAKE = True and change it to False
Restart Splunk


Hey @jet1276,

Please refer this doc and also check if the pre-requisites are met

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Hi @deepashri_123,

I have gone through all the details and pre-requisites and all the properties are met.

I have all the details from API, key and Clinet ID. But the only thing is after installing the App I am not getting the Input tab.

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Are you using clustered environment or single instance?

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It's running on Single instance. And I even tried installing in different versions of splunk. But everywhere I'm getting the same result.

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