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Carbon Black Defense add-on api URL now depreciated by Carbon Black?


It would appear that at 03:15 UTC or so on 12/20/2019 calls to the integrations/v3 API started returning an error 503 for us. We had heard that they were planning to depreciate the v3 API's, but the app still uses them.

Is anyone else encountering this issue? If so, do you have a work around?


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I received this information regarding the API's directly from Carbon Black while they were working on a related issue. The current add-on we are all using which is available from Splunkbase leverages API v3. I do not know the differences between v3 & v6 but would be surprised if the parsing of data would not be impacted.

Direct quote from Carbon Black:
"However, it does appear that the v3 API is considered "deprecated" and the v6 API should be used, so that is something that we should take into consideration for the future and start moving the current API integrations over to the supported version when possible. Please let me know if you have any additional concerns about this."

I guess my next step is to chase down who is responsible for items published by the "Carbon Black Developer Network" and see if this is going to be updated or allowed to die on the vine.

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