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Cannot get logs from Firewall to the Splunk docker container

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Hello team,

Need some help here, sure you guys are really.

White me with some inside on how I can use containers better.

Desired goal:

Get the logs from Firewall > Synology > Docker Container[splunk-splunk]

Actions Taken:

Logs are being sent out from origin: syslog server

Created an entry in the syslog server to send messages to IP:6515 (Synology DSM)

Modified port settings at Docker to have a Local port:6515 | Container port:9997

Docker bridge displays auto subnet 172.17.0/16 with gateway


At this moment I can access the Splunk web GUI under localhost:8000 with no problem, I see "ALL" logs tagged with a sourcing IP that belongs to the bridge Gateway on the docker driver.

If the desired goal is to monitor the logs from the syslog server in a more verbose manner, how you guys advise configuring the receiving aspect of Docker (container/Splunk) to make this happen.

Log detail sample:

datezone = local
host =
process = filterlog
source = udp:9997
sourcetype = syslog
server = 039974fdab5a
timeendpos = 15

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