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Can't get CartoDB Torque app work, anybody could? Nothing works in the app



I've installed the new CartoDB Toque app in Splunk but nothing works in it. I can enter the app home but the search field doesn't work, no matter what string I write, nothing happens.

Looking at the github page of the app I see that there are some files that the app package doesn't have, like for example some config files in the "default" directory.

Could anybody make it work?


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I agree with Hylam, the timeline is animating and that's it. I even specified the exact latitude and longitude. here is the search:
| makeresults count=10000 | eval longitude=-87.90369 | eval latitude=42.56641 | eval _time=random()

Is this app working? I want to see a working example.


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Hi, can you please post exactly what you are typing the search box?

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Both of these failed to show any spots on the map. I can see the timeline animating. The canvas moved to show north africa.

| makeresults count=10000 | eval longitude=random()%20 | eval latitude=random()%20 | eval _time=random()
| makeresults count=10000 | eval longitude=random()%20 | eval latitude=random()%20

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Hi cwhong,
I'm trying, for example, "index=*" to get all the events. The search button doesn't do anything.

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