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Can Kafka Messaging Modular Input work with Kafka 2.10-8.2.2?

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I need to pull data from a Kafka topic running version 8.2.2 with Scala 2.10. Can I just drop the kafka_2.10-8.2.2.jar into the app lib folder?

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No you can't.

Instead, you should fork the code from Github, make any necessary code changes(if any), recompile the Modular Input using the kafka_2.10-8.2.2.jar, deploy it and test it.

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Hi Damien,
I am using Kafka_2.10-9.0.1 with Splunk 6.4. It looks like current version of Kafka modular input app may not work as desired. Can you let me know what are the changes i need to make in the forked github code? Please let me know the steps if you have it nearby.

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