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Callmanager CDR - whether we can do reporting on the following complex call flow


[this question was posted on behalf of a customer of ours, from a support request]

Here's what we are looking to do.
Customer calls a doctor's office main line and hits an auto attendant( so call gets answered on leg 1).
The caller has several options to be able to route to.
The caller selects our front desk.
I am looking for zero duration calls on that second call leg to see how many calls go unanswered by staff.
(But then of course I need the app to show us the whole call flow for the given call. )
Is it possible to filter the CDR for this specific data?

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We can solve this in the app's "Browse Calls" page, and I'll walk you through a couple super-obvious things, on the way to some things at the end that will really lock it down and give you just the calls you need. (I think)

-- First, Go to "Browse Calls".
-- next to "call types", narrow it down to just "incoming"
-- leave the second pulldown set to "show all activity for" and set the "number/ext" value to office main line, and the front desk number, separated by a comma. (the field allows multiple extensions to go in there, separated by commas)
You can throw in the autoattendant extension there too, so in the "number" field it might look like


That field will always be used as an "OR" so you can throw in any extensions or DN's. The caveat is that without a "" wildcard on the start or the end, they have to match what's appearing in the CDR *exactly.

OK. If you follow those steps and hit return, you still aren't quite there yet, but you'll be looking at inbound calls to the main number that then transfer to the front desk.

Next -- add two more searchterms to the "other search terms" box.
on_hook_party="caller" terminatingCalledPartyNumber="<YOUR FRONT DESK NUMBER HERE>"
The on_hook_party term is saying that we only want to see calls where the inbound caller hung up to end it all.
The terminatingCalledPartyNumber field is saying we want only calls that ended here and didn't transfer on any further. These are both fields that are actually added by the app - not present in the CDR data itself.

I at least wanted to show you how to get to this point.

From here, there are more ways to nail it down further, but they may be unnecessary.

The engineer in me wants to tell you how to really nail it down to be just the calls "where the second leg had zero duration". This is totally possible, however that road is too complicated for the "Browse Calls" UI and it's not a good idea to throw you into the raw search language so quickly.

So I think a combination of on_hook_party and terminatingCalledPartyNumber can actually get you there just as reliably.

Hopefully we can do this in a few stages - get to the point above and add any questions or thoughts you have from there.

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