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Azure Logs to Splunk Clolud - best way


Hi folks,

i know the ways to ingest azure data to splunk.

1 way: Microsoft Graph Security Api Add-On for Splunk.

->You can work with the alerts what you get from the platform right?

2 way: MS Azure Add on for Splunk

-> I get Azrue Ad Data, User Sign ins, Directory Audits and so on from the platform.

3 way:  Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Cloud Services

-> Also a way, simial to the 2. way


What did you reccomend to create custom use cases / corelation rules with focus on Azure AD / Identiy? I think 2 or way 3..

Thx a lot and best regards,



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Concerning the Azure addon and the MS Cloud addon, essentially it's just different ways to collect the logs. There is some overlap as well as some that are exclusive to each addon. This blog post covers it:

Either way will get the roughly the same logs with few exceptions, so choose whichever one makes you happy.


Concerning use cases, the easiest way to build those out would be to use Splunk Security Essentials and adapt the searches to fit your Azure AD logs. The Splunk community has also released an app to help with Azure-specific security data:

Blue Team App for O365/Azure:

That should get you started on things to look out for. The Microsoft 365 App will also look at your Azure AD logs and give you dashboards on Geolocation access, suspected scanning, etc. 


Hope that helped!

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