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Are there issues with deploying the Splunk App for Unix and Linux (5.0.3) & Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure (1.1.3) with Splunk 6.3 Search Head Clustering?

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I have a distributed non-clustered Splunk Enterprise environment. I am planning to implement Search Head clustering and a multisite indexer cluster. I know that the current Nix and Windows Infra apps haven't been certified yet by Splunk in a SH cluster, and there could be limited support from Splunk in the event of an issue.

I am sure there are users that have deployed the Apps in a SH cluster. Are there any caveats that people have seen on the deployment of the current shipping applications in a Splunk 6.3 SH cluster?

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i've basically found that no splunk supported app works with shclustering no matter how much effort you put into it. don't waste your time.

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