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Are there any Splunkbase apps that have been localized to non-English?


Looking for examples of how developers have localized their applications. Thanks.

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We have translated the uberAgent dashboard app (written in Simple XML) to German. While doing so we found that:

  • Inline HTML elements cannot be localized.
  • HTML can only be localized when loaded from a file, e.g.: <html src="update_inventory_explanation.html"></html>. Provide one file per target language, e.g. for German: update_inventory_explanation-de.html
  • Localizing content that comes from JavaScript seems to be possible, but we have not tried it yet.

See this blog post for some more detail.

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Hi simpkins1958,

Have a look at the docs here
about How to translate an App.

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS


Thanks, I have looked that documentation over and it is very helpful. I would just like to see some apps that have done this work in action.

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