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How can I collect the loading time (ex.670ms) of APP with MINT?
Is this loading time means "elapsedTime" in MINT log?

The manual says " Enable opt-in ability and use the MINT Application..." .
So, I enabled the opt-in ability in MINT APP SETTINGS. But it doesn't work out.
Mint:view logs still do not include loadTime("NA"), domainLookupTime("NA")...etc.

How can I collect the loadTime of APP with MINT ?
I'm using MINT with HEC, not MINT Data Collector.
Is this affected to collect the loadTime of App?

Thank you.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Opt-in for usage data for MINT App would not impact SDK data collection and viewing w/HEC.

See Docs for info on data collection and viewing data (including load time) w/HEC and ITSI.

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