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Adding more rows in the trellis single-value colored format


I have hundreds of values that I want to create a heat map for using the trellis layout, but only two rows with ten values each are displayed. I know I can use the "Next" link to see the remaining but there are over 25 pages for me to click through and I want everything on the same page.

Is there a way to display more than 20 charts using trellis layout, so I can have everything on the same page?

The documentation makes no mention of any limits, and I want to create a custom visualization but using trellis documentation that mentions the limit would make it easier.

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There is now a JIRA on this ( SPL-176965 ). Supposedly all this will be fixed in the Dashboards (Beta) app first, when they roll trellis into it:


Hi @I868162

Please add limit=0 to your chart query, & also do useother=f usenull=f if needed.


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Hi @PowerPacked

Thank you for responding. I tried this and it returned the same result as before (where each page only shows 20 results)

My query said:
| chart sum(HealthT) by Realm limit=0 useother=f usenull=f
| sort sum(HealthT),Realm reveals the same issue I'm facing.

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Hey @I868162 - did you find a way to add more than 20 per page in the end?

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I have the same issue. Shows 20 instead of 22 I have. Two are on the next page.

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