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Adding classification banner to the PDFs generated from dashboard via export



I want to know if there is a way to add classification banner on the PDF which is exported from splunk dashboard. The requirement is to display a security access level on the top and bottom of each  page of the exported pdf. I was able to display the security access level by setting the access level message as the dashboard description and that way it could be print it on the header and footer of each page of the pdf. But now I also need to put other information in the dashboard description which making it to big and it is getting cut off. I was wondering if there is other ways I can modify the exported PDFs other than modifying the alert_action.conf file? is it possible to add any other custom text to the pdfs header and footer other than description, title, timestamp, pagination.


Another question, is it possible to have a default description option that gets assigned to a dashboard when it gets created?


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