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Active Directory Ldap failing with Error ".

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I have installed and configured Add on for Active Directory on our Search Head and I'm having issue pulling some data because the LDAP is failing. Below is the error message I get when I test. I've looked for the SA-ldapsearch.log file in in /opt/splunk/var/log/splunk but I'm unable to find it all. Any suggestions on why this is not working or why I can't find the SA-ldapsearch.log file?

Connection test for default failed
| ldaptestconnection domain="default"
No results found.

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any updates? I have same issue.

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me too 😕 with CA Identity

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I was able to figure part of this out, for the Bind DN I had: CN=Service_Account_Name,CN=Container_Name,DC=Domain,DC=com However when I changed it to CN=Service_Account_Name,OU=Container_Name,DC=Domain,DC=com that seem to work.

Though I can get a good test there are still some issues that I believe are related to me missing the ldap.conf file or missing the SA-ldapsearch.log file. I'm wondering if I missed a step when I setup the Add on for Active Directory on our Search Head.

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