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A previously approved release version for our Splunk app is now back in pending approval stage, is this normal?

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Hello all,

A few months ago I submitted an app to Splunkbase that was approved, certified through AppInspect, and publicly visible. It was recently brought to my attention that the app is no longer visible and after logging into the Manage App console, I discovered that the app was brought back into pending approval. I did not receive an email nor any other notifications about this so needless to say I am quite confused at the moment.

I have an inkling that it may be because I tested the app on Splunk Enterprise 7.2 to ensure compatibility and updated the compatibility version checkboxes in the Manage App console. Now keep in mind, I didn't upload a new version of the app. I simply updated the version compatibility checkboxes on the existing release. Some confirmation to my theory here would be great. It's been about a month since I updated the compatibility version and the app is still in pending approval. Is this normal/has anyone else experienced this?

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