is it possible to create ticket id for a alert in mail itself?

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We are using Splunk Enterprise 7.1.1 version, to develop some predictive models and mail alerts to the specific site peoples is there any deviation. As of now mail alerts are working fine and As our Management want something like tracking\ticketing system for each and every mail alert. is it possible to create some ticket id in mail itself to track?

As of Now mail alerts be like:

alt text

And What my management is expecting to be like:

alt text

In Subject itself the Ticket ID need to create and ticket ID is need to log in some index to track the changes of that particular Ticket ID.

Is it possible? can you guys please suggest something? and One more thing we already tried of that Alert Manager is create the incident once the alert generated? my management is not satisfied with that. Please suggest?

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Dear Team,

Is the above scenario is possible in splunk? 

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