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Hi Kind People,

I have created followed examples to create alerts under 'Searches and reports', and also configure proper email settings under 'email alert setting'. I used my company smtp email server as the mail host but email alert is unable to be receiving. I used yahoo singapore smtp email server "" as the mail host, but email alert is unable to be receiving.

Can anyone advice on this?

Thanks a million

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Mail is sent via a python script, so check the python log file.
My system cannot find the script, so support is trouble shooting, check in the scheduler log to see the attempts and result code

You can verify the machine itself can communciate with the smtpmhost by manually executing a telnet session,
For example,
Telnet 25

Then give it the proper commands (this would be without ssl, tls, etc.)

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can anyhow send me how to test if smtp setting is configured correctly?


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