Why is SignalFx not giving Alerts?


I am working in Hxc capture program and currently I am facing an issue in Signalfx. So I am reaching out for help/guidance.

I have created an Alert in signalFx using terraform.

The condition for the alert is that if the signal is less than 1 for a certain time( 2 for warning and 5 for critical),then alert will be triggered.

The code in Signalflow is :

signal = data('HealthCheckStatus', filter=filter('stat', 'upper') and filter('aws_account_id', '823990414917') and filter('aws_tag_Name', 'hxc-staging-health-check')).publish(label='A')

detect(when(signal < 1, '2m')).publish('WARNING[staging]: Route53 health down for 2m')

detect(when(signal < 1, '5m')).publish('CRITICAL[staging]: Route53 health down for 5m')


After that we created a condition when the signal came below 1 ( it came to 0).In the Alert graph we can see the same .But instead of actually triggering the alert,it is giving us a preview. (Attached screenshot)


The exact Alert message is "Estimated alert count: 1 in 1 hour. Alerts that would have triggered  shown in chart below."

So the bottom line is that Signalfx is not triggering the alert.

The code that I am using for this is :


Alert Link:




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