What alerts can be set up in a Distributed Management Console in a large organization?

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Hello everyone!

What are the alerts we can set up in a Distributed Management Console in a large organization to monitor our splunk whole instance. Please give me some good ideas !! if u need additional information please ask me .

Thank you!

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I need other than pre-built alerts bro!!
i have no idea what to do.
you can post anything that we can do more alerts than the pre-built alerts??
Like what alerts can i do more!!
i really appreciate you !!

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hello there:

here is a link to the pre-built alerts in the Monitoring Console:
This is a good start.
also, every dashboard panel within the MC can be translated to an alert by opening in search and saving as alert while adding your desired threshold or trigger rules
If you have other requirements, or ideas on items you would like to be alerted on, post some questions and answers will come

hope it helps

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